First full weight test

First full weight test
first fully loaded test run
I coulden't wait any longer for the batteries, so I broke the bank and bought some trojan AGM-31's They weigh 75 lbs each.
I cut 3/4" plywood for the base to give the batteries a flat surface to rest on.
To keep them in place I used pine boards cut to fit between the spare tire well walls and the batteries. I placed wooden wedges to hold everything solid.I finished piping the air lines for the air springs. I placed 1" OD nylon wiring tubes so I can add and remove the airlines and wires easily. One goes under the car, one to the rear of the electronics box, another between the electronics box rear and the rear of the e-brake, and finally one from the rear of the e-brake enclosure and the driver side of the shift console. Now it takes only a minute or two the fish a wire to the front.
The car needs 18 PSI to support the batteries to the normal suspension height. The ride was really smooth, with hardly any heavy feel. The springs work well.

John Snook, MIMA # 019K has sent a check covering the cost of the batteries . Thank you John, I can buy an Etek motor for the 5th wheel so we get better pickup.