Plug in FAS system

A cool modification to the Insight started with Calpod coming up with up with a simple way to fool the system into stopping the engine in a safe way to simulate the cars autostop feature.FAS
This system allows the driver to kill the engine without needing to turn off the key.
Highwater came up with a way to latch in the condition using relays instead of a switch so the clutch will not need to be held.
This allowed the system to maintain engine off without holding the clutch in.
I drew up a simple schematic that will do the job using either a Momentary switch, or the MIMA AR2 output.
I added an additional set of wires, that tie into the dc/dc converter, which allows the 12V charging system to run when the engine is in FAS.
I now offer the built plug in FAS system as an option for MIMA which has the necessary wiring in the harness.
MIMA is not necessary for using FAS.
Schematic on the downloads page.

This modification cuts the power to the fuel injectors, which causes the engine to stop.
The car must be in neutral for it to remain stopped.
Once the engine is stopped, it will restart under the same conditions as the factory autostop.
1. If the brake vacuume is depleted by several brake activations,the engine will start.
2. Step on the gas, even in neutral, and the engine starts.
3. Put the car back in gear, and the car will restart.
Each down hill presents you with a decision, should you be charging the pack back up with MIMA, or coasting in neutral engine off getting 150MPG.