BMS board mounting position?

BMS board mounting position?
BMS boards mounting

Now that I have the battery assembly in hand, we can start to look at the mounting options for the BMS boards. We plan on moving the stock BCM and MCM to the area between the seat back and the IMA box.
I can see now that this would have been easier had I made the fins ~ 1/4" shorter,(would require complete disassembly now, so that is not a good option), but the cooling / heating can use all the fin length we have and more, so it was a tough call. The ability to see all the BMS LED while charging will be a nice aid in keeping an eye on how well the pack tops off, so it may be nice to let the BMS part of the pack cover stick through the IMA box cover, and to have clear lexan cover area so the leds and the board are visible?
No need to hide the cool looking "flux capacitor" boards. Could mock up a MR Fusion machine to give it the back to the future look. May be able to find some clearance under the stock pack to gain some height?
Time to look at the IMA cavity closely.