A push from Karma or another distraction ???

A push from Karma  or another distraction ???
A big pile of power electronics

I was invited to take some cool industrial variable AC drive units that were in a warehouse that was being cleared.
It looks like the warehouse was for storing drives that were sent back for repair, as most of the units had tags indication the problem, several of the units look new, but we will not know until we take a deeper look. The damaged or not, these units are a great source for some big fuses, heatsinks copper buss bars,large HV mosfets,large IGBT modules configured as a 3 phase bridge and huge high power diodes.

Made a final trip today, and filled up the Van for the third time. Today's haul included a 50 foot length of orange insulated 1000V 4 conductor shielded 4 GA cable, and another 10 motor drives, as well as a big box of some very big IBGT half bridge modules, rated at 300A @ 1200V, and at least 10 big hall effect current sensors.

Now all I have to do is sort dismantle and store/sell the good stuff.
Those 300A 1200V modules would make one huge 3 phase bridge that could drive a prius MG2 to destruction.
As a side benefit, this load of stuff has finally overwhelmed my shop, and has initiated a big cleanout and reorganization of my shop so I can finally get full use of the available space, just in time for winter projects.