Grid charger test adapters

Grid charger test adapters
Test adapters

I realize that many people would like to see if the chargers can "fix" their pack, before they go through the expense and labor to install it in the car. The tests adapters offer a way to do that.
I have designed a safe and easy to use system that allows you to do that.

The positive HV test probe with spring hook, the #8 to 1/4" ring adapter for the negative, and the fan plug, allow the charger to be used for charging a pack without requiring the full install, or any removal of the pack.
The adapters attach to the harness that would be used for the car, so you can just send back the test adapter components for a refund minus a rental fee.
If you decide to send it all back, there will be a small restocking fee if the charger is returned in like new condition.
To order a charger and harness, use the pricing on the grid charger blog, just as you would to buy the charger, I will also require all the legal documents and order form.
I will charge $100 for the test probe ,and $125 in addition for the Civic kit,($225) plus the actual to be determined shipping charges. The civic test kit requires the test fan assembly to cool the pack when the IMA box is open, and therefore will cost more to ship
The shop harness while not having the long test probe, has alligator clips that can charge any pack, but will require that the pack is removed to gain access.
Please e-mail or call if you have any questions.

Prius Fan Adapter
Prius fan accessory on top of a prius pack
The prius and civic pack cooling system is part of the car not part of the battery pack, so when we put a pack on the bench for reconditioning, we require a way to keep things cool.
The fan accessory has a soft foam gasket that seals the accessory lip, so air can be drawn in from under the subpacks and drawn up between them. The Universal test harness had a 12V plug that powers the fans, and the in and out temperature probes can be simply places so they sample the inlet and outlet air and therefore can shut down the charge if the temperature gets too warm.
Repair shop test components
some charging tools for the repair shop
Have been getting a lot of interest in the chargers and accessories for repair shops, where they will pull the pack to diagnose and condition the pack.

While a pack with charger harness will be ready to test, most shops will not want to install the harness just to test and condition the pack.

We have developed a universal test harness that is designed for bench use on any hybrid pack.
It has long HV leads, long intake/exhaust temperature probes, and a 12V fan cable that can plug directly into a Honda Insight, or into the connector on either the Civic or Prius fan accessories.
The fan/blower board has an adjustable speed PWM fan driver so it can run a civic PWM blower, or it can power and control any 12V fan up to 3 load.

The Prius fan adapter is custom fit with a gasketed seal so it can be simply placed on top of an open prius pack and will keep the pack cool during the charge and discharge.
Price $125 shipping extra.

The two piece civic fan accessory kit allows both in car and on the bench charging.
Price $125 shipping extra

Universal Shop harness
Price $175 Shipping extra.

HV test probe kit
$100 allows safe secure connection to the two HV
tie in points when charging in the car.

Attaching the test probes to the insight harness
test adapters on Insight harness
The probes attach to the hearness HV+ and - harness ring terminals with the included #8 pem stud and nut.
The PTC input of the temperature board requires a 20 ohm resistor across the terminals.
The temp probes should be taped together so they are at the same temperature. The probe to harness connections should be slid into the short wire loom, and then taped up to insulate and support the connection. The negative lead is attached and insulated the same way.
Attaching the test probes to the insight battery pack
Attaching the test leads to the insight pack
The +HV probe clips on the big resistor as shown. the negative attaches to the big top negative terminal.
Attaching the test probes and test fan to the first generation civic harness
Attaching the test probes and test fan to the first gen civic harness
The probes attach to the civic in the same fashion as they do to the Insight harness.The 20 ohm resistor is required on the PTC extension cable Probe side as shown.
The fan cable red lead attaches to the +12V terminal of the fan board, and the black to the ground. The plug mates with the plug on the test fan.
Add some weights to bots sides of the box to assure a good seal, so the pack is adequately cooled during the charge.
Attaching the probes to the first gen civic battery pack.
Attaching the test probes to the civic pack
The + HV probe attaches to the aluminum buss bar as shown, the negative to the big negative terminal.
The test fan plugs into the fan test cable, and should run during the charge. Add some weight to the box on both sides of the fan, to assure a good seal.
The civic battery cooling system
Air path on the civic IMA
The civic pack requireds the IMA cover behing the seat to be closed, as the blower evacuates air from the sealed box, and replacement air is drawn in the duct in the rear window well, and is drawn through the pack.
When the IMA box is open, which is required when doing a test charge, the air is drawn into the IMA box everywhere , so no air is drawn through the pack. The test fan draws air up through the pack, so the pack is properly cooled.
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