Grid charger Users page

Grid charger Users page

Will start this blog with the Grid charger owner that is the furthest away.
Enkhbat Gankhuyag
Location Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
Enkhbat has started a Prius service business using two GCM1 chargers.
he explained how they had to build the shop them self, and how the temperatures were so cold that they could only work during the Afternoon.
The collage shows the initial construction, including a photo of a small fire to warm up the transmission and engine.
Photos show the shop progressing, as then begin to get some work.
Wish them a lot of good luck.

some last resort techniques

some last resort techniques
deep discharge to 30 V
While a lot of the batteries will respond well to a single reconditioning cycle, there are some packs that do not.
We recently started to deep discharge these problem packs to see if the deep discharge where we allow cells to reversal in order to get to the cells that have some memory issues, and give them the deep discharge they need to erase the memory of short cycling and get them back to work.
One power user has tried to bring back his HCH2 pack using the standard charger settings, and now he is exploring the effects of this deep discharge. This graph is of his first deep discharge, where we can see many cells droping out. He will charge the pack back up and report how the deep cycling worked.