Subpack tested first high current run

Subpack tested first high current run
First high current discharge test

Same stick, two days after the last test, after charging at 350maCC for a day and a half.
The bad cell still showed s .05V lower voltage that the others at the start of the test. The load got the current up to about 86 amps. The 10 strands of Nichrome ribbon,got up to about 250 degrees. If I want to hit 100A, I need another 3-4 strands. The "zapped" cell gave up at over 4AH, and was just about ready to reverse, or maybe it did reverse for a fraction of a second, as it will reverse if I reconnect the load.
The drop off was so fast that I could not get the hot brass wing nut "switch" turned off in time.
I am charging that cell first, and will charge the whole subpack tomorrow.
Need to zap the cell harder, maybe the arc welder?
Cell 1 was noticably hotter than the rest, but they were hot. Next time I will add a log of the 6 cell temperatures