Insight Battery pack lifter

Insight Battery pack lifter
Pack lifting fixture

While removing and re-installing the Insight battery is not too difficult, it can be dangerous for ones back, and the interconnect relay board.
Bumping the board against the power electronics can damage the components.
The packs 80 lb weight and the awkward access to the pack, and finally the lack of good secure handles, is a bit more than most of us can handle with good control.
The common practice of using the fan enclosure as a handle can be dangerous, as it can pull out of the stamped sheet metal attachment clamp, which could cause the pack to suddenly drop out of your hands. (it happened to me)

I designed and built a pack lifter that makes the process much easier and safer and it allows two people to lift the pack and place it on the rear hatch deck in one smooth operation, with a much more reasonable and secure control of the pack throughout the move. The long front lifting bar allows the front of the pack to be passed right to the rear deck without any awkward lifting positions, and the rear lifting arm lets the other lifter simply reach down from outside the car so that the back strain is again minimized.
Works well, is easy to assemble,and disassemble and can be shipped in a standard shipping tube from the Post office.
The grid charger install video will show the process in action.
pack lifter video

Quick instructions:
Basically start by attaching the two angle pieces to the pack tabs as shown,on the far ends, using 4 of the screws that you removed from the IMA cover. leave the center screws out, as that is where you will attach the lifting uprights with the long threaded rods.
The shorter extension goes to the fan side of the pack, and the longer to the front.
Place the uprights over the center holes, and carefully start the threaded rods into the captive nut on each of the center brackets by hand to assure that you don't cross thread the nuts.
Do not over tighten the threaded rods.
Tighten until the top lifting arm is securely fastened, with no wobble or movement when you lift the pack.

The lifter is designed with removing the passenger seat in mind.
I have not tried using the fixture with the seat in.

Want to build your own?
Here is the dimensioned parts drawing:
Lifter part drawings
If you would like to purchase one of these fixtures, the cost is $75,+ actual postage.
Zone 8 --$34
Zone 7 --$29
Zone 6 --$26
Zone 5 --$23
Zone 4 --$17
Zone 3 --$15
Zone 1-2 --$12
usps zone lookup

Contact me via the Contact us tab top right corner of this page, to order.
Video instructions for use will be available shortly.

Some other pack lifter designs

Some other pack lifter designs
DIY lifter photo
Several people have built their own pack lifters using plywood, cabinet handles, and dowels, so I will put up the photos, so you can get some ideas as to other ways to approach the task of getting handles on the pack.