Making some cells for weld testing

Making some cells for weld testing
freeing up the cells

Dan came over and we tried out the weld milling fixture.It worked well, but even at 120psi in the cylinders, the smooth steel battery against the garolite was slipping a bit when we were milling, so Dan put a strip of emery cloth in the jaws and the problem was solved.
The weld spots needed to be smoothed out on the belt sander to remove any residual weld.
The vice air switch was replaced by an air push button valve which was mounted on a bracket and nut that screws right into the quill feed lever, so you line up the weld, press the button with your thumb to lock the vice, pull down to mill the weld, retract the end mill and release the button rotate and repeat, It works pretty slick. The only improvement I can see is to automate the end mill coming down, so one would tap the button, and the vice would clamp,end mill come down to mill off the weld, end mill retracts and the vice would unlock.
rotate the stick, hit it again.