Mikes Surplus Loft

Mikes Surplus Loft
Finally some room

I have collected way too much stuff in the last 30 years, and lost control of the inventory which turned into just a big mess of stuff over 10 years ago.
The large influx of big motor controllers last month pushed me into a situation where I no longer can put my car in the garage, and my shop and workshop were stacked with even more stuff to the point where I could no longer work in the shop.
Much of the stuff is valuable but without any organization and inventory, it was useless as I could not find what I knew I had.
My buddy Dan and I worked for three weeks cleaning and organizing the garage loft so I would have a place to put things during the reorganizing.
I will not use much of the good stuff in my lifetime, so I will be putting the stuff on this page, and will sell off the excess.
Send me an e-mail if you see anything here that you want.

Power semiconductors

Power semiconductors
Some huge power semiconductors
A beautiful assortment of power semiconductors.
How does 300A @ 1200V half bridge sound, yikes that is 360,000 Watts of power.