Keeping the batteries warm in winter

Keeping the batteries warm in winter
Cold night battery conditioning

Winter temps are finally here so it is time to learn a bit more
About how often the conditioning kicks in and how much power is consumed
To keep the batteries warm
Test was started with the pack that only needed 12 kWh
To get to the hilltop reserve point
A lower current warming cycle is applied after the main charge completed
The temp was in the 20 degree zone during the test.
My juiceBox pro40 evse has a nice datalogging
Mode where it shows what is happening
At about 6 hour intervals
The charging ran for about 30 minutes at a peak rate of ~ 2kw
I let the car sit in the plugged in condition and saw a second conditioning at another 6 hour interval
I expect
That under colder conditions both the interval and length of conditioning
Will get more aggressive
So 1/2 hour at 2kw is only 1kwh used each 6 hours
Not as bad as I had expected.