One complaint/ future modification?

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Bolt EV Pedestrian warning noise maker
The quietness of driving an EV can be a pleasant experience, but when you are used to hearing the motor noises and suddenly hear only tire noise, for me at least, I find myself unable to judge my speed and tend to go faster than I think I m going. After a few hundred miles I got used to it.
The Bolt has a small noise maker under the drivers side front wheel well.
It makes a strange pink noise that is designed to warn pedestrians that you are there and in drive.
It goes away after the car has reached ~15 mph.
It seems to me that we should at least have a choice as to what the sound is.
Maybe one would like a Harley motorcycle sound, or a bird singing, maybe a star trek like phaser. so one could have some fun selecting the sound like the ring tone on your cell phone?

Being a tinkerer by nature I got under the Bolt and located the sound maker.
I disconnected the plug from the sound maker and the sound stopped, but the dash display indicated that the pedestrian warning system needed service.
Plugged it back in and things went back to the normal pink noise.

Will have to get back under there with a scope and meter to see if the sound is produced in the sound output device, or if it is produced elsewhere and is fed to the sound maker which is simply acting as a speaker?
Next time on the lift will dig deeper.