Connecting battery bank #2

Connecting battery bank #2
installing battery bank #2

I had built a nice steel rack for my trojan T105 batteries so I could keep them active during winter. Now that rack will hold my solar batteries. Unfortunately getting access to the second set of batteries is a necessary and frequent function, so After considering many options, the simplest was to build a rolling base for the bottom batteries. My original stand only allowed adiquate clearance for the batteries, so the additional height of the base made things a bit close for comfort. I had welded on 1/2" thick steel bases for the stand, and had some short elevator bolts, so all it took to raise the stand was a floor jack, and some longer elevator bolts. Wired up the batteries and connected them to the inverter. I have shut off switches in each battery string so I can swap active packs or use them in parallel.
The roll out base has two steel bosses that the welded handle plugs into.
Bank 2 had sat for 4-5 days, so I charged it separately until it matched the voltage of Bank 1, and then put them in parallel.
Not much time to top them off, so it will be interesting to see how much longer the battery's can run the house.
I still have the big loads of the hot water, electric range, and the whole workshop to connect, but those loads may be able to be timed, and adjusted so they happen only when the sun is out and can supply the inverter all the juice it needs.Lots of fun tinkering to get it tuned up.