Getting a BIG solar plug

Getting a BIG solar plug
getting the project started

After saving and planing for much of my life for some serious solar PV, the big day has arrived.
My Buddy Bill from New England Clean Energy sold me some panels and the racks and guided us with the install.
Troy and Mike installed the brackets and racks, and we started the first two rows.

After looking at all my options, I decided that I would go off grid, and would design and build a flexible system that will meet most or all of my energy needs, and in the process further reduce the energy requirements for my home.
The 42 185W panels will produce a peak of 7800 watts.
Will bring down 14 150V circuits, each producing a bit over 5A.
With all the strings in parallel, that is 72A of DC at a nominal 110V @ full load.
Will use the two 48V electric yard vehicles as well as a permanent battery bank for storage.
Hope to get more panels installed tomorrow weather permitting.