Getting started on the final wiring

Getting started on the final wiring
starting the wiring

While my quick and dirty PV wiring was adiquate for the playing around I did to familiarize my self with the power, It would not pass the muster of the electrical inspector, so now it is time to wire it up for real.
Scrounged in my electrical surplus, and found some parts that I could use, but had to buy the special DC circuit breakers. I put a separate breaker on each string, mostly for ease in diagnosing any issues that may crop up in the future. The 14 strings are separated into 2 groups of 7 strings so the two MPPT charge controllers can each have their own array.
The two charge controllers can each put out >80A of current into the 48V battery bank.
The 130 lb Inverter was quite a bear to get up on the hanger,but buddy Paul and I managed with the help of a hydraulic jack,and 4 hands.
The standard load center for the Inverter was too tall to fit under the inverter, so I will have to fabricate one from scratch that fits. Why is it never easy?