Lightning the super fast EV minibike

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Lightning the EV minibike

Have always wanted a small but powerful electric vehicle to bring to the solar events. What better way to get people turned on to the fun of a fast quiet Ev.
In preparation for Solarfest, I gathered up an e-tek motor (8HP continuous, 22HP peak) a 275A 48V curtis speed controller (from the e-wheel)My new 48V prius modules, and was looking for a vehicle. My Buddy Dan dug in his garage and came up with a big minibike that his Dad used for hunting in VT. The frame was extended, and a super aggressive rear tire made it able to climb through the woods. Dan donated the machine to the cause, and I went at it with welder, chain, and it went together pretty fast. I made the base machine so it can carry 2 of the 48V prius modules.
Mounted one of the small Chinese Volt/Amp meters so I could see the current and pack voltage. The original gas engine had a reeves drive (snowmobile)type variable ratio drive, so I just removed all that stuff. Made a motor mount for the e-tek, and a battery holder that accepts the same 48V modules as the telephone truck and the yard electric buggy.
The day I first tried it, I almost went over backwards, the thing sucks well over 100A, and just jumps when you twist the throttle.
I put in two sets of sprockets, a low speed high torque that gives a 10:1 reduction, and a 0-15MPH speed,and a high speed set, 4:1 ratio, that gives 0-38MPH, also with very fast acceleration. Sucking 150A out of 2 prius modules will not yield much range, but if you can control your self,it zips along nicely on flat ground with only 2-3 A.
The machine weighs ~ 190 lbs with 2 battery packs (19 lbs each), and we have tried it with 2 people on it (~ 350 lbs), and even in high gear, it just jumps when you ask it to go.
This is the ultimate EV demo, as all the components are right there easy to see, and it really brings in the kick in the pants acceleration that we all love. Thanks Dan