Main structure of battery rack is finished

Main structure of battery rack is finished
building steel rack for batteries with solar power

Got to test my solar systems ability to charge batteries and run my MIG welder at the same time, while building a strong battery rack for the new guys.
Had no problems getting the batteries to 100% and powering the welder and shop even though the day was very cloudy.
The 160 lb rack will have 2800 lbs of the 2V batteries on the top shelf, and the bottom will be two of my 48V moveable racks, totaling another 1500 lbs. The whole thing needs to be sealed so it can be vented, and I am going to provide cooling or heating provisions in case I find that will be required.
Welded and machined for free with solar generated power. Yea!

I am 68 now, and hope to get 10 years out of the batteries, so that would mean that I will be 78 when the batteries will need to be replaced, hopefully with Lithium or some other battery with better cycle life. The rack looks like it will work nicely, but after struggling to move the 120 lbs batteries around, I decided to build a simple hoist to lift and allow removal of the batteries from the top of the rack, as one person needs to be stronger than I to install or remove them single handedly.