making the DC pos buss bars

making the DC pos buss bars
Making the DC buss bars

Now that the box is made to fit the space available, I need to mount everything inside so I can wire it all up.
The big DC input breakers look like a good place to start.
The two main positive dc buss bars need to connect from the two + terminals on the inverter, to the big 175A DC breakers. Need to allow room to tighten the screws. and the breakers want to mount together, so two complicated buss bars needed to be made.
I used the aluminum tape method to make some soft aluminum bars that I could hand form to the required shape, and then transferred that shape to the heavy copper buss bars.
I first annealed the copper by heating it red hot and quenching, so it would bend easily.
I clamped the short side in a milling machine vice, and bent it by hammering.
I brought the two pieces back into the solar room, and again checked them for proper fit.
Brought them back into the shop, and again annealed them, and tweaked them to the exact shape I was looking for.Finally I marked the exact position of the two breaker terminals, and drilled the final 2 holes.
Now that that is finished, I can mount the rest of the breakers on Din rails, and fabricate the bypass breaker assembly.