Life is great when you have the right partner

Have so many unfinished projects or ideas for projects that it is time to sort them out and focus on the important ones.
1. Been collecting Honda insights since I got the bug back in 2000.
Have been gathering batteries and other components so i could do an ev conversion.
Now that I finally have a chevy Bolt EV I will be selling off all my insight stuff and will put the batteries I have been collecting for that conversion to other uses.
2. Sue and I are getting older and I want to spend more time doing things with her.
3. Started an addition to my home back in 2001 that is only partially completed need to finish it
4.been collecting a wide range of electronic, mechanical, pneumatic, and other miscellaneous parts.
This was very useful when I was a technical consultant and machine designer, but it has become excess stuff to manage so selling off the excess will also be a task that will be important.
This blog will be about this process.