Taking the mercedes modules apart

Taking the mercedes modules apart
inner construction of modules

simple removing the buss bars and cutting the bands and we have 24 nice NIMH replacements for small 12V lead acid batteries
I would not recommend using them at high temperatures without cooling like under the hood of a car as they may overheat and swell when floating at 14.6V
this pack was in a spot where air cooling did not make sense so a complete water cooling system was used instead These cells are capable of over 100A discharges and high charge rates for light loads no cooling is required

since the modules can be water cooled they can be tucked in any available cavity as long as as some hoses, a coolant pump and radiator with fan is included.

was thinking that an insight pack with these modules and a voltage divider to fool the BCM
may make a cheap replacement for the DIY guy with more time than money