Getting in shape while making electricity

Getting in shape while making electricity
How many watts can you make?
Got tired of bringing the hand crank Prius transmission to renewable energy fairs so I got busy mounting an Insight IMA motor on an exercise bike chassis.
The main task was to make a core for the rotor and mount it on bearings.
I used aluminum for the rear bearing and coil assembly which I removed from the stock cast aluminum housing to make it lighter and smaller.
I hope to also add red green leds to show the frequency and polarity of the generated voltage.
Works great.
Added a small 24 V battery and a 600W sine wave inverter so energy could be out into the battery slowly (I am not in shape yet) and then power up to a 600W load from the battery.

Put your exercize to good use?

Like most Americans I eat too much and do not get enough exercise. I also watch TV too much.
I modified an exercise bike to produce electricity. The electricity runs a tv, radio, lights, fans, to use the power that I am generating. Old car alternator, with a a small battery to get the field excited to start the generating. 250 Watts is a lot of work.
For a light workout pump during the show, and rest during the commercials, For a full workout watch a DVD movie and pump the whole time.
Put your exercize to good use?
Dont stop till the commertial