Motorizing a snow blower chute

Motorizing a snow blower chute
remote chute operator

Tired of cranking the chute with one hand while trying to control your snow blower with the other.
If you have a 12V light on the blower, this will work with no batteries. Cover the motors with a small plastic grocery bag when using.
The chute raise/lower motor is mounted to the chute with a bracket, and uses a square steel bar for the actuator. The bar is attached to the motor shaft with a setscrew.
The chute rotation motor is coupled to the chute rotation screw with a simple dual set screw coupling. The motor floats free, with an aluminum fork to stop the rotation. This type of attachment allows lots of slop and misalignment, and is easy to make. This has been part of my snowblower for the past 5 years.