Can MIMA work on Civic and Accord Hybrids ?

Question usually goes like this: does the Civic have the same IMA system as the Insight. I am interested in using the Mima system in my car
Answer: Not at this time.
The IMA system in the Civic, while sharing many of the same functional modules as the Insight, do much of the control between modules with a high speed serial communication, similar to the Prius. The MIMA modification was made possible by the relitively simple hardware based PWM control that the Insight has between the ECM and the MCM modules.
If Honda released the codes and protocal information on the Civics internal serial control language, we could make a simpler and cheaper MIMA like control for the Civic.And all future Hybrids. I am only one guy,with limited recorces. I happened to have an Insight to do the experimention on to make MIMA possible. If I had a Civic to tinker with, I could possibily crack that code, and the MIMA equipped Civic will be a reality.
But in real life, I can't afford to by one just to tinker with.