Mode 2(PIMA)

Mode 2(PIMA)

PIMA, Mode 2
Mode 2 or PIMA (Programmable IMA) uses the MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure [amount of vacuum]) sensor voltage as a control input for the PIMA.

As the MAP voltage rises(more load) the microprocessor reads this change, and when the value gets over a programmable set point, assist will be engaged and controlled proportionally to the amount over the set point.

As the MAP signal drops with reduced load, the assist reduces to zero, and after passing through a range between the set points where no IMA action happens, it engages charging proportionately to the amount under the set point.
NOTE: the map signal changes with gear changes,mostly due to higher RPM, so if you set up PIMA for 5th gear, the setpoints will move lower on the MPG scale as you downshift.

PIMA mode: The (Programmable Integrated Motor Assist) mode is the most powerful MIMA mode, as it allows nearly the same throttle based control as the standard IMA, but with the ability to set the activation points for both assist or charge, and to also control how fast the assist activates once past the set point. PIMA disables normal joystick control, and instead uses both joysticks to adjust the activation points for assist or regen.
PIMA is entered and left by tapping the mode 2 switch. The mode 2 LED will illuminate to indicate it is on.
If the car is moving slower than 19MPH, the mode 2 led will slowly flash, and PIMA will be turned off. The system reverts to standard IMA mode at this time. Once the car is going faster than the 19MPH, PIMA reactivates.