MIMA 002 Yves M

MIMA 002 Yves M
Yves was the first person to run the electric motor by MIMA control. He was the brave one that built up a rudimentary MIMA_L, and found that MIMA actually works. We all should be thankful to Yves, as I do not know if I would have been brave enough to do the mod to my car if not for his historic test.

"Here is the result AND IT IS GOOD, IT WORKS !!
I have built the first MIMA version 0.1. It has a switch to either get the normal IMA control or the manual MIMA control "
While enjoying the occasional challenge of hypermiling, Yves typical driving style is fast, like me. Mima increases performance as the electric drive can produce 14KW continuously instead of being limited to 7 KW after 10 seconds like the stock system. Like an electric turbo.
Yves website with many cool modifications:
Yves Website