MIMA # 003 Calpod

MIMA # 003 Calpod
Calpods onder construction setup
I've had a chance to take the car for a drive this evening with MIMA, and What a difference, this is what I expected!

When you slow down and still in second gear, you just push on the stick and it feels like you downshifted, but it's much smoother, I even had the AC on and you can't even tell it's on.

It just pulls a lot stronger. Very Happy will keep you posted on mileage.

The last few days driving the Insight with MIMA has been a learning experience, when you're driving in the auto mode, you don't even have to downshift to pass, just push on the pedal lightly and the electric assist will do the rest, the only think I'd wish for is more battery capacity, all this week I've been playing with the controls, I want to get to know the system capabilities before I really start going for mileage, this morning on my way to work I averaged 96.1 mpg.

Another feature I really like is being able to turn off assist, I go up a 7% grade, and sometimes I deplete my battery on the way up, it usually happens when someone cuts me off, such when a truck changes lane to pass an even slower vehicle, but now i'm able to turn off assist, save my battery, and I can use it the rest of the way.

I'm still trying to see with is the best way to maximize mileage, I think by next week I'll be able to do 100+, remember, this is not a flat area, there are a lot of hills.

I may take a drive to San Diego next week and see how good mileage I get going south.

I'm still testing my unit, I'm having so much fun that I noticed now i'm driving a little faster, while still being able to maintain 75 to 83 mpg.

Due to the many posibilities you can set up IMA, it will take some time before I can come up with a set up to suit the terrain I drive in.

At first I had assist to start at 100 mpg, and regen at 140, but my battery level was lower than I'd like to see it, so I've been playing with the settings, now I wish I had a longer drive.

The best part is when you come up on traffic, you don't have to take your foot completely off the gas pedal, you just have to keep it at 140 mpg and it will start slowing you down, you want to have less assist, you can change that by moving the joystick, so you can change your set points as traffic conditions change.

The only thing I'd like to see is when you go to mode 2 (PIMA) that you don't have to press mode 1, as it can get confusing, while you still need to keep your eyes on the road, this is the only reason why it takes longer to find out what the settings that work best.

MIMA is well worth the price IMHO, hypermiling is important but, it's better that you enjoy the drive and do it safe.

I think that MIMA would be more beneficial for those people that can't seem to get good mileage than those in the 90's and above.

Once I get all my settings where I need them I have no doubt that I'll be able to be over 100 mpg a lot more often, this year I've only been three times over 100, that should change soon.

You can just leave your settings in PIMA, as long as you don't come to a speed lower than 19 mph it will stay there, you can jog you assist and regen level with the joystick not even taking your eyes off the road.

This is one of the features I like the best, you have total control of the battery, and it's at it's best in moderate traffic, say you are driving at 55 or 60 mph and traffic slows down, you don't even have to take your foot off the gas, you just lift a little and regen starts working to slow the car, if your battery level is low then you can change your assist setting, again just by moving the joystick once, on the other hand if you come up to traffic and you have a full battery, then you can change your assist a little higher to use more battery.

I have been also driving faster than before and still improving a little on my mileage, the biggest difference I've seen is on the way home in the afternoon, this used to be where I would take a big hit in mileage, specially when there was traffic.

To sum it up on PIMA settings for those that don't have it yet:

Press mode 2 button once, then mode 1 twice and you are in PIMA, it's that easy, then start enjoying your drive.