MIMA # 53 Amin Damji with his CVT

MIMA # 53 Amin Damji  with his CVT
CVT Insight

First, here are some stats
before discussing my initial MIMA observations. For the weight conscious
Insight owners, I almost always carry my kiteboarding gear with me and I
have replaced the stock seats with heavier Recaros. The car has about
52,000 miles and my lifetime average is 45mpg. I bought the car with 28,000
miles from a guy who lived in the very hilly Sausalito (San Francisco area),
California. The car is now in San Pedro (Los Angeles), California.

Here are my initial observations of the MIMA in a CVT. I've driven about
600 miles and have used MIMA on demand and MIMA active but have not had time
to test PIMA mode. My drive consists of 3-5 miles of hills, stops,
residential streets and about 10 miles on Los Angeles freeways (averaging
speeds of 55-65mph). Prior to installing MIMA I averaged 51 - 53 mpg per
tank of gas. I tested MIMA on demand for 100 miles and averaged about 54
mpg on the same drive. In MIMA active mode I've driven 500 miles at an
average of 61 mpg. In the stock Honda setup the regen and assist seem to
work against each other. By having control of the regen, I can maximize
the cars ability to glide. So far, I would say that the control over regen
is the greatest benefit of MIMA in a CVT. I've driven my route a few times
just with the gasoline motor (no assist) and I averaged about 58 - 59 mpg.
I'm still learning how to use the assist for greatest efficiency. My sense
is that the assist seems to help with the mpg but not as much as that being
reported by folks with manual transmission Insights. As we discussed on the
phone, the assists limitations may be due to lack of lean burn on the CVT
and the gear ratios. I will report more as I learn more.